Episode #1: Lower Your Density (with Joe Conto)



Joe Conto

In This Episode

Conversation on the future of tourism with Joe Conto, a professor of Hospitality Management at Paul Smith's College (NY).

  • Restarting a Pikolo conversation, 4 years on
  • Cultural sustainability and cruise tourism
  • Cinque Terre’s cruise port and tourism surge
  • Push and pull confuses distracted Slava
  • [Pause / money quote from Joe]
  • Joe’s general predictions for the tourism industry
  • European prospects, airline woes, and the cost of travel
  • Let’s stay closer to home!
  • Silver lining: no physical infrastructure loss
  • Italy vs China, perception vs reality
  • Joe pours cold water on Slava’s childish travel fantasy
  • Prediction: lower-density, “5-hour-drive” local tourism centers in North America to thrive
  • A cartoon version of James H. Kunstler's prognosis
  • Sanctuary cities for the rich
  • Resenting downstaters (some of whom are people)
  • Teaching in the time of the Virus
  • Joe’s many projects


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