Episode #2: New York Muppets (with Gordon Eriksen)



Gordon Eriksen

In This Episode

Conversation with Gordon Eriksen on New York City's neighborhood, real estate, commercial, and economic worries.

  • Scenes of commercial apocalypse in NYC
  • The new shopping routines and how they may actually end up benefitting some stores
  • Restaurants, both new and existing, are largely out of luck
  • Signs of changing NYC neighborhoods; landlords may have waited too long, esp. in higher-end Brooklyn enclaves
  • Possible renaissance of low-end shopping districts (Jackson Heights, Bushwick, etc)

  • [an awkward cut due to wifi connection loss]

  • Outflux of New Yorkers will stop gentrification in its tracks
  • Tourism on its way down (way down), and this sector's downturn may have started months ago
  • Albany's "populist" wave and the suddenly powerless real estate industry
  • What will the NYC economy be based on in the coming years?
  • Answer: MUPPETS
  • NYC's chance to implement Jane Jacobs's vision
  • Excessive optimization damages the neighborhood mix of services
  • The case for commercial rent controls and tax policy change


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