Episode #3: The Haute Cuisine of Treasure Valley (with Edward Higgins)



Edward Higgins

In This Episode

This week, I discuss the future of restaurant dining with the chef and consultant Edward Higgins:

  • Edward's hurried return to the continental US
  • The inapplicability of some of the old metrics of the restaurant business
  • The sudden advantages afforded by secondary and tertiary markets (e.g. Boise, ID) vs primary markets (e.g. NYC, Tokyo, or Paris)
  • Edward's career path over the past 15 years
  • Opportunities to hire top kitchen talent
  • More on the relative strengths of small cities and even towns, along the lines of the European model
  • The restaurant as a place of social gathering
  • Restaurants in hotels: particuliaries and vulnerabilities (+ the Four Seasons - St.Petersburg example)
  • Old trends going strong: allergen-free options
  • Issues of food handling, sanitation, kitchen equipment, restaurant layout; the economics of the restaurant business
  • Wither the open kitchen?
  • Chez le Big Brother: eating, watching, and being watched while eating
  • Edward's latest project: The Lively
  • More about Boise, ID and Treasury Valley

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