Episode #5: Boomers' Vault (with KMO)




In This Episode

Conversation with KMO on:

  • The C-Realm origin story, including:
    • Quitting Amazon, traveling to the Amazon
    • Unresponsive singularitarians and podcast-friendly collapseniks
    • Peak oil psychodelia: stirring up one weird audience mix
    • Side projects and personal turmoil
    • Moving to Brooklyn, NY and then (5 years later) to Vermont
    • Overestimating your audience size
  • Podcasts and advertising
  • Finding your core group of supporters; some orbiting around for years
  • Media consumption habits in the time of Covid-19
  • Generational dichotomies
  • Resisting advice to define your audience
  • 1990s redux, in audio
  • Defining self as a "recovering singularitarian"
  • Case study: discovering the C-Realm
  • Imminent crossing of the 50% Rubicon
  • Gaining the haters
  • Did podcasting jump the shark already?
  • Can a podcasting career be self-contained?

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